Computer Mot

We are now closed until further notice!
If anyone relies on laptops or PCs for communication purposes and is in desperate need of them repairing, then please ring:
07976 304538
We will carry out repairs following strict procedures.
Laptops and PCs can be delivered to a specified address and left in a porch at a safe distance leaving all contact details!
We will need your name, address, telephone numbers and any passwords or pins to access the operating system.
The device will be bacterially wiped down before any work is carried out and will be bacterially wiped down after the repair has been completed before collection.
Alternatively, we can do home collections and returns at a safe distance whilst wearing masks and vinyl gloves!
No contact will be allowed and the device will be bacterially wiped down before any work is carried out.
Thank you and Stay Safe!

You have your car mot so why not keep your computer in peak performance with a computer mot?

What is included in our 10 point MOT:

  1. Scan for and remove all viruses, adware, malware, spyware and trojan horses

  2. Optimize system security and system update settings

  3. Install Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Web Browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer

  4. Remove non-essential start-up software which has been automatically installed on your system

  5. Clean all air vents and fans to prevent over-heating

  6. Remove unnecessary software that appears rogue (adware/malware) software

  7. Remove history and temporary hidden files and folders

  8. Install AVG Free or Avast Free if no antivrus software is running or has expired

  9. Run in-house software to improve Ram (Random Access Memory) availability

  10. Registry clean up - remove uninstalled and non operational programs

Why not give us a call today on 01902 304 804 to book your PC or Laptop in for an MOT or Healthcheck?