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    Remote Administration

    Ashmore Park I.T. Limited offer an "Out of Hours" Home and Business Call Out Service - Fees start from £40.00 per hour, pending distance to travel.

    In most circumstances, we can resolve issues within the hour. If the problem is more serious then we will take the Laptop or PC back to base to resolve and return / set-up once the issue has been resolved.

    Costs / Reduced Fees for this return service are discussed with the customer prior to work being carried out.

    In situations, whereby the issue is important and critical to the individual or business and we cannot attend site then we offer a "remote administration" technical service.

    We will instruct you over the phone on how to download a recommended 3rd Party Remote Administration software package called "Remote Utilities"

    The combination of both the Unique Password shared and the IP Address generated by the software gives the technician access to your PC or Laptop.

    You will see the mouse move on its own as we problem solve your issue.


    Instructions you can follow prior to the remote administration service:

    Click onto the "Download" link at the top of the page and select "Windows"

    Navigate down the page until you see "Download Host"

    Left click your mouse button on it and select "Installable Host"

    The software will download and once it has finished then click on it to Run the software program.

    Every prompt is standard so just click each one to continue until you reach a "password" section

    Here is where we will choose a unique password that only we share together.

    This has to be input twice to verify it is correct.

    Once you have clicked the FINISH button, a unique IP Address Number has to be assigned to your PC or Laptop.

    The Technician will instruct you where to find this.

    When we disconnect, you can safely remove the software completely or disable it in case you require those services again. Simples!