About Ashmore Park I.T. Limited

For all your Laptop Repairs, PC Computer Repairs and Virus Removal in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

When Ashmore Park I.T Limited Formed

Ashmore Park I.T. Limited was formed in the year 2007 by Nick Down, Managing Director, his wife Liz Down (Director) and Steve Lucas (Director).

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a long time ago when Nick and Liz lived on Ashmore Park overlooking the shops on Griffiths Drive, a vision occurred and emerged from the recesses of a mind.

The Vision

The vision promised that one day, when times were a bit better (and banks were giving money away to any tom, dick or harry and who were stupid enough to pay back the ridiculous interest rates that banks do charge), a Computer Shop would be formed on Ashmore Park that would one day be a central point to help local residents and business people alike with all their computer and training needs.

The years went by, the grey hairs formed and life went on ........ until one day in a drunken stupor in the Broadway Public House, Nick shared his ideas with his buddies (who were also drunk) - Ben Edgar, Damon Rowles, Stevie Moore, and Steve Lucas ...... and they all agreed it was a most splendid idea!! A pen was borrowed from the bar and a tatty bit of paper was furiously scribbled on, idea after idea, until all were knackered ...... and legless ..... and unable to write another word as both speech and spelling were incoherently mumbled and blurred!!!

The story began to unfold as a shop became available, the council lease signed, Graham Preece, our local builder of LP Services partitioned the shop to form a counter, training room and tech room to conduct business.

Ashmore Park I.T. Limited Began Trading

On June 18th 2007, Ashmore Park I.T. Limited opened its doors after much preparation. Sixteen years on and times have been hard but slowly and surely we continue to strive to make ends meet so here is a big thank you to all our customers for all your support - Nick Down (Managing Director) .

Our Motto

Our motto hereth lie:

"Support your local community by using your local community"

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