Working from home during lockdown – CONTACTLESS Repairs

Call or Text 07976 304 538 to arrange or for advice!

Communication is key for school work and keeping in touch with loved ones during lockdown.
So we can carry out repairs by following the strict Covid-19 procedures below:
Repairs can be dropped off in an Enclosed Porch
All PCs/Laptops will be Bacterially Wiped Down
After Repairs have been carried out - collection will be arranged
PC/Laptop will be bacterially wiped down after being placed back in the porch.
All door handles will also be bacterially wiped down before and after.

Thank you and Stay Safe!

Here at Ashmore Park IT Ltd, our Engineers have over 20 years experience of building computers and gaming computers. We have built computers for clients who just want a standard office PC all the way up to clients who have the latest flight simulators. 

No job is too big or too small for us to help you get the exact specification you require.

Many of the computers we build cannot be bought in the shops as we personalize computers for our client's needs, especially for gaming enthusiasts, website designers and photographers wanting graphically and memory hungry machines.

The computers that we build for you will be built using only the best components tailored to suit your needs. All our memory comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you are after a tailored computer, please contact us on 01902 304804 where a member of our staff will gladly assist you in creating your ideal PC.

 Please find below three tiered examples of recent PC Specifications our customers have ordered.

Sorry for the inconvenience but old gaming specifications have not been updated so have been removed temporarily until new specs can be uploaded.

In the meantime, please pop in to discuss custom built gaming PCs, thank you!!